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Is your ideal dog non-shedding, hypo-allergenic, not yappy, an affectionate dog that adores kids and gets along great with other animals, loves to be cuddled and spoiled? Very well mannered, outgoing, a super smart and trainable dog, one that has a sense of humor and retains a playful puppy like attitude?? A dog that comes in 3 differnt sizes and coats to choose from? Then the "Aussiedoodle" may be the dog for you!
The Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd X Poodle) is an amazing cross/designer breed! They are super smart and sweet! Coming in F1 which is first generation crosses,  (Aussie bred to Poodle) to F1B (F1 Aussiedoodle,  bred back to poodle, or *2nd generation*) F2B (F1B bred back to F1 or *3rd generation*) or Multi Gen Aussiedoodles! Each generation has it's look and different perks! The first generation cross can and sometimes does shed a little, but it is very, very minimal if they do, and in my personal experience they do not shed (none of my F1's do anyways, and past puppy buyers are reporting that theirs do not shed either!!) their coat is medium long and wavy, and very velvety soft, they can be left shaggy (The "Benji" look! See skittles and Bandits pics) or clipped in a designer cut. The F1B's are non-shedding and have a slightly more curly coat then the F1's,  the F1B's bred back to pure bred poodle, do not shed and have a much curlier coat, they look like a purebred Poodle with wild coloring!(Depending on the hair cut!) The Multi Gens, (F1B aussiedoodle to F1 aussiedoodle) have a coat that is a looser curl then pure poodle or much like the F1's, although some are slightly more wavey and a tad thicker coated then the F1'S.
They can come in all three sizes of the Poodle and Australian Shepherd, a lot of people do not realize there are also 3 sizes of Australian shepherds, Standard, Mini and Toy! They also come in a size refered to as "Moyen" which is a small standard or large mini! 
When looking into  getting an "aussiedoodle" please be sure you discuss the parantage of the puppies, as a aussiedoodle is a cross between Australian Shepherd and Poodle nothing else in the mix! Note, a aussiedoodle bred back to aussie will produce flat coated shedding puppies and so will an F1 aussiedoodle bred to an F1 aussiedoodle, some will shed and some may not. If you are certian you want a non-shedding dog be sure the breeder has bred the correct way to produce the puppy/dog you are looking for!
This is an amazingly smart and super sweet hybrid!! They are totally willing to work for you and are very, very easily trained!  Sometimes only requiring to be shown once or twice what is expected to catch on, as they live to please you! They excell at obedience, are great for agility and would make a wonderful therapy dog! They love kids and are an awsome choice as a all around family dog, they are great companions for camping, fishing, hiking or just hanging out around the house! 
I can not  begin to explain how intelligent and personable this hybrid/cross is! Everyone who has gotten one from me or have met mine is totaly awed by them! They can be clipped in poodle cuts, given a designer look or left long and shaggy!(Of course some grooming is required as in all non-shedding breeds!)

I occasionally have all 4 sizes, in F1, F1B, F2B and Multi Gens, but some of my adorable babies (a couple past puppies are pictured below), raised here are Non-shedding "Aussiedoodles" that are 7/8 th  Poodle and only 1/8 th Australian Shepherd, Their dam is a purebred AKC  Poodle and their sire is a 3/4  Poodle and 1/4th Australian Shephred (F1B aussiedoodle) they  look like pure bred poodles with awsome merle and sometimes merle parti colors!( Depending on the style of hair cut!) Yet, their coats don't grow quite as fast as a purebred Poodle, so they do not need to be groomed as often! They will maintain the healthy "Hybrid vigor"  and best of all the awsome "Aussiedoodle" personality!
The Aussiedoodle comes in a wide range of colors and patterns! * Phantom is a term used in the poodle breed to describe the tan markings on the face, chest and legs. In the Aussie breed this "Tan" is called copper, and puppies are refered to as "Tri color"! The Tan markings on the phantom color puppies will come thru lighter and more defined as the puppies get a little older.*
Below are some pictures of adult F1 - F2B dogs. So you can get an idea of what the puppies will mature to look like! 
My puppies are priced from $500-$1200 I give a 2 year genetic health guarantee on these dogs. 

Click Here for Aussiedoodle Size Info!

"Snazzy" F1 Toy size
Bred by me!

"Taeya" F1B Mini Aussiedoodle
Bred and owned by me(Retired)

"Taeya"' in a shaggy coat
About 4 months since last hair cut!

'Sassy" F1B mini left in long coat
Bred and owned by me

BlueBoo Multigen Curly coat

Lucy Multigen curly coat

"Lucy" Multigen" Poodle look" shave!

"Maggie" F1 Moyen size Aussiedoodle

Betty Lou F1 Moyen size

Cindy Lou F1 Moyen size

"Dundee" F1B Sire to aussiedoodle litters
Shaggy coat, owned by me.

'Dundee" F1B Standard
Shaved! (Retired)

F1B Standard Aussiedoodle

BrownKnee Large Mini/moyen Size Male
Multigen Chocolate Phantom

"Riley" F1B Mini Aissiedoodle
Bred by me, Owned and Loved by Dan & Kathy

"Bandit" F1 first gen Mini aussiedoodle
Bred By Janice Pozayt, Owned by me

"Bandit" F1 Mini (retired)
Adult coat

Past Diamond X Dundee Parti litter
F2B's (F1B back to poodle) Bred by me.

F2B Standard sized pup
Bred by me

"Skittles" F1 Small Standard
Bred and owned by me 6 months in Pic

1 year old in pic(Now Retired)

"Mimmzy" F1B Female
Owned by me.(Retired)

"Mapleview's Mizz Meeko"
F1 Standard Bred/owned by me 8 months in pic

"Meeko" F1 Standard
The Shaggy look! (untrimmed)

Meeko in a summer cut (Retired)

"Fanci Pants" F1 Standard Aussiedoodle
Bred and owned by me.

"Sonique" Standard F1 merle parti color

"Tia" F1B mini Aussiedoodle
Bred and owned by me

Roxie F1 Standard

Luna Flat coated F2B

Taeya Reinschreiber F1B Mini Aussiedoodle, Shaved!
Bred by me, Owned and Loved by the Reinschriebers!

Ozzy F1 Standard
Bred by me owned and loved by the Squillo Family!

here's a picture of Ozzie, whose 1st birthday is 5/23.

He has been such a wonderful, gentle, loving and a great companion.
I would definitely recommend aussiedoodles for anyone considering a dog.

The Squillo Family
Clarendon Hills, Illinois

F1B Female
Previously Owned by me

F2B (F1B Back to Poodle) The "Shaggy" look!
Past Diamond X Dundee Pup. Bred by me

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