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My commitment to my Puppies!

My commitment to my puppies:

I make sure the adults have the best of care, vaccines and food, and lots of loving attention!

I strive to make the best match in adults to produce the best possible conformation and geneticaly healthy puppy to start with.

I am there with them when they are born.

I handle, love and play with them daily to ensure they grow up loving people.

I expose them to differnt sights, sounds and surfaces to build their confidence.

I give them the best vaccinations and wormers according to veterinarian standards per their age.

I socialize them to other people and pets.

I feed them premium puppy food.

I introduce them to bathing and grooming.

I do everything in my power to give them best start at developing into a lifelong loving companion for you!

I do my best to place them in a "Forever" home.

I will take them back at any time in their life!

I am here for the life of the puppy/dog to answer any questions from owners.

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Kim Gostomski
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