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Male OR Female??

Which Sex Makes A better Pet?

Alot of the time people just assume a female makes a better pet.

This may have been true 15-20 years ago, before people had their pets spayed or neutered, when unaltered males did mark (pee) on everything, wander and start fights with other males. Females on the other hand, came into "Season" every 6 months causing grief by needing to be confined to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, because they attracted all the males in the neiborhood to your yard! They also left little spots of blood around the house!

In the present time most people realize that their pets should be altered (fixed) unless they are showing or breeding. Spaying or neutering prevents many behavior and health problems in our pets. Not only is a spayed female not at risk for a unwanted pregnancy, she is not at risk of developing mammary (breast) cancer if spayed before her first heat cycle. A neutered male does not wander, mark or start fights, and is at less risk of developing prostate problems.

There are many things people aren’t aware of or don’t consider when they decide to purchase a dachshund. Dachshunds are a bitch-dominant breed. That means that many

of the "less desirable" behaviors observed in males of other breeds, for example "humping", dominance fighting, and "marking their territory", are seen in female dachshunds

more often than in the males. In the dachshund world, females are the alpha dogs and assume the role of pack leader and will resort to fighting to maintain that role even to

the death. All dachshund breeders will tell you that when a fight breaks out, even the most easy-going, sweet natured dog in the bunch will participate. It’s called a pack

mentality, and it’s pure instinct, but the fight is almost always caused by females.

Females are not always the sweet little girls people imagine. They are generally more stubborn, independent and territorial than males. "They don’t call them a bitch for

nothing!" They can be moody even if they have been spayed.

Males, however, tend to be much more affectionate, attentive, loyal and consistent in nature. They are more attached to their owners, take to children more easily and are more accepting of other pets. They are eager to please, which is very helpful during training. They are highly motivated by treats and praise. If the male is neutered around 6 months of age, he will rarely display any secondary sexual behaviors like lifting his leg, "marking" or "humping".

The difference between males’ and females’ attitudes toward your affection is also something to consider. Females tend to be somewhat "cat-like" when it comes to spending time with their owners. Basically, they can take you or leave you. They will demand and refuse attention equally and always on their terms. Males, on the other hand, will always be up for a belly rub, playing, a romp in the yard, curling up in your lap for hours or sitting patiently at your feet hoping to catch your eye. They are completelydevoted companions.

 So if your looking for a pet only, and it is to be altered, you have the choice of male or female, they both make wonderful pets! It will leave your choices broader in things like coat, color, and personality, if you are looking at a litter and are not dead set on one sex or the other! As a breeder, I personaly find that in most instances a neutered male makes a more loving and family orientated pet! They are just a little more intuned to their owners and a little less independent then the females! So setting the old myths of females make better pets aside, your choice should come down to which puppy will fit into your family better, not which sex it is.

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