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A puppy is cute but it is only a puppy for a few months. Dog ownership isn't for everyone. A relationship that is an overwhelming responsibility for one person, can be one of the great joys of a lifetime for someone else, so weigh your thoughts carefully and make the right choice, a dogs life may depend on it. Many people who get a dog do it on impulse, this more often ends in disaster and sometimes with the life of the dog. (SEE HOW COULD YOU? !!!) Please research the breed of dog you are considering, to be sure it will fit into your family. Below are some of the questions you should ask of yourself before you make the decision to add a dog to the family.

Would dog ownership conflict with your life?
Do you have a career? Work late? Single? Are your kids so involved with organized activities that they will have no time to spend with a dog? Does your spouse want the dog or know you are thinking of getting one? Is anyone in your home allergic? A pampered pooch treated like a child, cuddled and spoiled is and sounds great, but will you treat the dog the same if and when you do have children?
Ask yourself this; do you switch jobs, hobbies, friends or lovers often? Do you leave projects unfinished? Dogs usually live for 10 to 15 years are you ready for that kind of commitment? From where you are now can you anticipate a situation that would force you to give up your dog?
Divorce, job layoffs, failing health? If its likely the dog will outlive you, can you be assured of a good home for it? (REMEMBER, A LIFETIME RETURN POLICY!! See my guarantee!)

Have you really thought of the cost of dog ownership?
Premium dog food, training lessons, boarding during your vacations, routine veterinary care and spay/neuter surgery? None of this is cheap and what if you have a breed that requires professional grooming? What if your dog becomes sick or is injured?
Will you be able to afford hospitalization, medicines-even surgery? You should also take into consideration the emotional price you will pay when you cannot afford to save your dog.

Are you willing to share your space and possessions with an animal?
If you have a home and a yard that would look great on the cover of Homes and Gardens a dog might not fit into your lifestyle. Are you ready for hair on your cloths, nose prints on your windows? Muddy paw prints on the floor? How about its toys everywhere? Drops of water will be around its bowl and even god forbid, the toilet. He will use your yard as his bathroom and greet your guests with excess enthusiasm. Very few owners have raised a puppy to adulthood without replacing something that got broken, chewed up, or piddled on along the way.

 Puppies do not come knowing the rules, they need to be trained with love and patience. They need to be groomed. They need to be petted and played with daily - this is not an option! Dogs are pack animals by nature and will not thrive without interaction with family members. A bored dog is a destructive dog and a lonely dog a vocal dog. A untrained dog is a burden! 

Responsible owners don't let their dogs run free. Dogs need daily walks. Apartment dwellers need to find time to walk their dogs. Homeowners need a fenced yard for exercise.

Are your children responsible enough to aid in the dogs care and treat it well?
The shelters are crowded with dogs bought by parents who believed a pet would teach the kids responsibility.
Children usually have short attention spans. Caring for a dog can teach valuable lessons only if the child is ready to learn them. Are you willing to take the extra time to teach your children to care for a dog? Is your child mentally ready to handle the responsibility of a pet dependent on humans for all parts of its existence? Children are generaly not ready to be the sole caregiver of a dog, PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT THESE RESPONSIBILITYS TO BE SOLEY UP TO A CHILD!!!!

Are you looking for a companion or a decoration?
Say you see a breed of dog in a movie and decide to get one. To keep that dog in full coat and winning condition is a full time job, not to mention the cost of training.

Rare, Exotic and Expensive?
To some those qualities alone make them highly desirable as possessions. But a dog is not a possession like a fancy car. You can't just use it whenever you like and ignore it the rest of the time. 

This page is not meant to deter you from getting a dog, just to help you understand all the responsibilitys that come with one. Do your research and be prepared to accept the responsibilitys, that come with aquiring your little one! AND PLEASE BUY YOUR PUPPY FROM A REPUTABLE, ETHICAL BREEDER!!!

The pitter patter of those little puppy feet is endearing and if you are ready, they will grow into a family member cherished for years to come!

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