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These boys are NOT for sale unless noted in description!

Here's my boys, each is a unique character, and all of them are very sweet. Between them and the girls, I produce excellent quality puppies in many colors and differnt patterns. 
Click on their pictures to view their pedigrees.


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KG'S A Stroke Of Luck
Striker is a smooth Blk/Tan Piebald

"STRIKER" is a small Black/tan smooth hair Piebald. His sire is a Chocolate and Tan piebald, and  he carries Blue and Issabella genes. He produces lots of colors. He weighs 9 lbs. RETIRED!

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KG'S Red Baron of Hestekinhills MSB
"Baron" is a Red Brindle Smooth hair

"Barron" is a sweet guy, he is a Red Brindle and his sire is a Canadian Champion. He carries english cream and makes some awsome Brindle and cream pups. SOLD

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Blue/Tan Smooth Dapple

SOLD! "KG'S OUTLAWED BLUE'S" 11lbs 12ozs "Renagade", is a Gorgeous Blue/Tan Dapple boy, He is Chocolate/tan sired and there were issabellas in his litter. Super sweet temperament!

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"Echo" Black/Tan Smooth
Carries Pie, Blue, chocolate, & Issy

"Echo" "KG'S Echo's of Blue MS" is a gorgeous male out of my breeding. His dam was a Black/Tan Pie "Piccadilly" (see past sires and dams) and Sire is "Renagade" a Blue/Tan Dapple. He produces awsome conformaton puppies, in Piebald and Dilute colors. SOLD.

'Cooter" Smooth
Blue/Tan Piebald

'Cooter"  or "KG'S Snooty McCooty MSP" is a beautiful smooth Blue/Tan Piebald fella, with excellent conformation, he can produce long hairs as his sire is a long haired blue/tan piebald. SOLD!

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Sam's Mr Bojangles MSBP
Red Brindle Piebald

"BoJangles" is a Red  Brindle Piebald. He has a very sweet temprament. He Carries for chocolate. He is 11 lbs. He carries the genes and produces the dilutes! (Issy and Blue)

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CLV Max Behind Bars (1/2 English cream)
Red Long Hair Brindle PEDIGREE coming Soon!

"Max" is a gorgeous red long haired brindle boy, with excellent conformation, he is english cream sired. 

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Black/.tan Pie

"Boots" is a black/Tan Pie Showing minimal pie (Irish Spotting) of my breeding. He has a white chest, belly, tail tip and 4 white feet. His Parents are 'Striker" and "Krystal Blue" (see past sires and dams page for her pedigree) he carries it all for color genes! RETIRED!

Black Rush Dakota
Solid Black (No Tan points) longhair

"Dakota"  Is a gorgeous  longhaired solid jet Black boy (No Tan points) This is a dominate color and he produces both solid black and solid chocolate puppies. He has several champions in his pedigree.



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